Our Services

We offer specialist COMMERCIAL advice in:

Development of Commercial strategies for contract formation and development
Preparation of pre qualification documents
Drafting Enquiry Documents
Management of the tender process
Preparation of tender review criteria
Evaluation of tenders received
Selection and interview of contractors
Negotiation of final contracts
Contract management to final account
Project development including preparation of consent applications and other legal pre project requirements
Input into the commercial strategy
Input into the selection, preparation, form, language and style of enquiry documents
Negotiation of final contracts
Advice on contract management

We offer specialist ADVOCACY and LEGAL advice in:

Advice on dispute avoidance, dispute management, mediations, arbitrations, DRB’s and related issues including conventional litigation
International Commercial Arbitration
International Investment Arbitration
Energy Charter Treaty Arbitration
WTO Arbitration
Construction & Engineering dispute management
Energy & Natural Resources
Oil & Gas
Law of the Sea
International Trade, Trade Finance & Commodities

We offer specialist TECHNICAL advice in:

Front End Engineering Studies
Review of designs by others
Technical input into any Enquiry Documents
Review of Tenders received
Negotiation of final contracts
Review of contractor submitted designs